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Hebraeus Foundation Zion Conference
"A Time of Awakening"

May 19-20, 2017, Zermatt Resort, Midway, Utah

Where: Bernese Center, Zermatt Resort, 784 Resort Drive, Midway, Utah, 84049 (Map)

Friday Schedule:
7.00-7.10 pm. Welcome & Introduction. Opening Prayer.
7.10-7.20 pm. Alicia Blickfeldt, "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul." Violin acc., Benjamin Gale.
7.20-8.40 pm. Avraham Gileadi and Karen Prier"Knowledge and Wisdom: Structure and Procedure in Applying Zion Principles."
8.40-9.00 pm. Music & Dance Performances.

Saturday Schedule: 
9.00-9.20 am. The LevitesTwelve Tribes Roll Call.
9.20-10.10 am. Cree Chief Eric Tootoosis"Ancestral Heritage of First Nations' Tribes."
10.10-10.20 am. Hymn"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing."
10.20-11.10 am. Andrew Ehat"Joseph the Seer's Visions of Zion."
11.10-11.20 am. 10-Minute BreakMix & Mingle.
11.20 am-12:10 pm. Anthony F. Stephan"Anticipating the Restoration of All Things."
12.10-1.30 pm. LunchZermatt Resort Offers Sandwiches and Fruit Onsite. Questionnaire.
1.30-1.50 pm. Musical Performances.
1.50-2.40 pm. Shelle McDermott"Wading through Our Wildernesses to Zion."
2.40-3.00 pm. Gretchen DurhamHebrew Communal Dance.
3.00-3.20 pm. Karen Prier"Repent & Replace" Activity.
3.20-4.10 pm. Avraham Gileadi"Transitioning from Sons & Daughters of Jesus Christ to Becoming as He Is."
4.10-4.20 pm. 10-Minute BreakMix & Mingle.
4.20-4.30 pm. Robin YoungAnswers to Questionnaire.
4.30-4.50 pm. Music & Dance Performances.
4.50-5.00 pm. Sounding of Shofars and Aaronite Blessing.

Registration: See below. Note that all amounts go towards rental of the facility and the continuation of Hebraeus Foundation operations.
Early Bird Registration (through April) for entire event—$70.
Registration (effective May 1) for entire event—$80.
Registration for Friday evening only—$30; Saturday only—$60.

Event Options (Pick 1)
Names of ALL in your party

There are no tickets.
The names of all registrants who have paid ahead of time will be kept at the event's registration table.

Video: Parts of the Conference will be recorded on video for later distribution. However, it can’t be live streamed.

Meals: The Zermatt Resort offers both a restaurant and snack shop at your discretion.

Overnight Accommodation: For Zion Conference concession rooms (Friday night only), click here.

Enjoy a fun instructive weekend in alpine surroundings!
Mix & mingle with friends old and new!

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