The following websites contain the works of Avraham Gileadi Ph.D. on the Book of Isaiah: — An interactive website on the prophecy of Isaiah explaining how literary features conceal and reveal its apocalyptic message. — A website on the prophecy of Isaiah featuring webinars and audio and audio-visual aids that teach Isaiah’s apocalyptic message.

Purchase Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of "Dreams, Visions, and Near-Death Experiences Compared to the Prophecy of Isaiah"

Just Released! The highly-anticipated 24-Week Lecture Series —“Dreams, Visions, and Near-Death Experiences Compared to the Prophecy of Isaiah” delivered in three volumes of eight lectures each.

Each lecture is delivered by renowned Isaiah scholar, Avraham Gileadi PhD. As the most published scholar on the Book of Isaiah in the world, Dr. Gileadi compares current documented dreams, visions and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) with the end-time predictions of Isaiah. While a cleansing is imminent, there exists hope for a glorious millennial age.

Many people are having visionary experiences that suggest Isaiah's prophecies are nearing fulfillment. Dr. Gileadi correlates these with events now happening in the world. These volumes address many concepts analyzed in Dr. Gileadi's books that appear on and

Each volume of lectures is available as streaming (not downloadable) videos, and are viewable on your computer, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast (details here).

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  1. I'm very excited for this. I've been watching YouTube videos on dreams in the end times. Natan, the young secular Jewish boy who experiences a near death experience, is my favorite.

    As a young Mormon and a Jew, Isaiah 53 spoke volumes to me. I only hope I get to meet Avraham someday so that I can thank him for opening my eyes and turning my heart back towards my beloved husband, who passed away some years ago.

    I'm excited for what's to come, although it be a daunting task for mormons, christians, and Jews alike. I'm still waiting for the mashiach, or Davidic servant, to come lead his people back to Jesus Christ.

  2. Great videos, I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks Avraham for sharing your insights to help us prepare for the times ahead. It is refreshing to see truth without all the precepts of man. I have been studying the book of Isaiah since May of 2016 and I can say it has changed me and my eyes have been opened.